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Decoding Jerry Adrian’s ‘state sovereign mumbo jumbo’

Sod dealer Jerry Adrian almost got himself tossed in jail for failing to abide by his bond conditions yesterday.

The conditions include no contact with a fellow “sovereign citizen” devotee named Don Anderson, who tried to file a lawsuit in Roberts County (with the Register of Deeds, for some reason) against Judge John Simko.

Simko was not amused, calling the lawsuit “state sovereign mumbo jumbo of no effect whatsoever.”

So what is a sovereign citizen? Essentially, it’s a person who feels as though no one who works for the U.S. government has legitimate authority over sovereign citizens. They believe the government, as it stands in the modern U.S., is a sham.

The reasons for that are complex and outlandish. There are several places you could look for an deeper explanation. The FBI says the most extreme sovereign citizens are threats for terrorism. The Southern Poverty Law Center has a rundown of the group here.

Perhaps the best way to get an understanding of what the “mumbo jumbo” looks like is to read it yourself.

Here’s a letter submitted to the U.S. District Court of South Dakota by Mr. Anderson on Adrian’s behalf. It was filed on July 30, 2012, which was shortly after Adrian and his son were indicted for tax evasion.

Don Anderson Aff

Here’s a filing from Adrian claiming the court has no authority.

No authority

Here’s one of the many “affidavits” filed along with the above motion. This one says Mike Milstead has no authority.

Milstead no authority

We could do this all day. The court file is full of this stuff. Here’s one more, a letter to U.S. Attorney Brendan Johnson regarding the search warrant served on Adrian’s property.

Johnson Letter

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